~ Blues ~ Funk ~ Jazz ~ Rock ~ Soul ~ Reggae ~ Folk ~ Pop ~



Beginner/Intermediate Lessons

-Fundamental chords and strumming patterns

-Professional practice techniques to maximize progress in a short period of time

-Learn how to play your favorite songs accurately & easily 

-Basic & Practical understanding of Music Theory

-Music exploration & listening skills

-Find any note and chord on the fretboard

-Basic improvisation methods & concepts

-Sightreading music notation, chord charts and tabs

-Rhythm & Time Awareness Skills

-Basic home recording skills

Advanced/Professional Lessons

-Create & Develop your artistic style and vision

-Style-Specific Techniques & Concepts

-Musicianship Skills to play what you hear with fellow musicians

-Advanced Improvisation Concepts

-Master rhythmic awareness & execution

-Band & Performance Coaching

-Advanced Music Theory Skills & Comprehension

-Music Production & Recording skills



Lesson Rates:

30 minute lesson  ~ $35 

Gift Certificates Available!

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